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The Best Healthy Travel Snacks –Recommended by Nutritionists and Dietitians

Planning an outdoor hangout or taking journey through Plane, Bus or Rail. It is always recommended carrying your snacks with you. You never know what will happen in your plan. The unpredictable nature of weather, delayed flights, or traffic jam. And if anything happens then there are small chances that you will get healthy snacks which is nutritious as well as wholesome.

At most of the outlets whether it is roadside store on highways or convenience store at airports offers you unhealthy options which although good in taste but, definitely not good for your health. The same happens even in big cities and big airports. They have a lot of options but little of them are healthy options.

So, here we are presenting nutritionists and dietitians recommended healthy snacks options that you can carry with you. By which you can have healthy and nutritious food any time, and consequently save money from over priced options at rest shop fares.

The best healthy travel snack

The best healthy travel snacks are those which are nutritious, wholesome and easy to carry. Also, it should not create problem in security checks if travelling through air.

Healthy travel snacks make sure that you stay away from unhealthy junk foods even while you are vacationing. Travel food should be small enough to carry in hand bags.

According to the leading nutritionists and dietitians best travel snacks should have following features:

  • Fresh foods is always recommended like fruits and vegetables.
  • If it is of food grains, then should be made of the whole food grains.
  • It should not contain preservatives, artificial colors, etc.
  • It should be low in fat and sugar.

Maya feller, RDN, who has a private practice, stated in her interview with NBC News that fresh fruits, raw unsalted nuts, and a big water bottle makes the best healthy travel snacks for her.

What are fresh foods?

Now, the question arises what comes under fresh foods. Fresh foods are fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. Which are easy to carry in tote or handbag and also, easy to eat on the go without any mess. It can be banana, apples, grapes or sliced veggies like carrots, cucumber, etc. You can pair it with some dips as per your choice.

Nuts are also a very good travel food options as they are packed with minerals, plant proteins, fibers and filling as well. Packed salted or fried nuts should be avoided. As these contain a lot of salt and unhealthy oils.

According to New York based Registered Dietitian, “I like nuts when travelling because a small amount of it is really filling.”

What if I don’t carry any snack?

If you are not carrying any snack from home and want to get healthy snacks, then you can search for health bars with nuts and fruits, fruit juices with no added sugar and preservatives or roasted nuts options. You can find these at rest shops or convenience shops.

Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated during your trip and to do this it is always recommended to carry water, juices, etc.

Here we tried our best to share valuable advises, that will definitely help you to make your vacations healthy and safe. So, you can enjoy it at fullest. If you like our efforts don’t forget to share this article on your social networks.