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Welcome once again to your favorite travel tips blog. Friends in my last post we have discussed tips on “How To Find Cheap Flight Ticket“. In this article, we will discuss another great concern of every traveler. And this is “How To Find Cheap Hotels Deals”. Whenever, we plan to visit anywhere we want to Search Cheap Hotels because money spent on hotel rooms is least liked thing. Commonly to Find Cheap Hotel Rooms we search 2-3 big advertised accommodation booking sites and book the cheap accommodation by comparing hotel prices on these websites. But this way you will not be able to compare cheap hotel prices from all hotel available in your searched location. To find the best hotel prices you need to follow these top five tips to find cheap hotels deals:

  • Best Websites To Book Cheap Hotels Deals
  • Be Flexible With Dates
  • Try To Plan Off The Peak Season
  • Direct Booking With Hotel website
  • Direct Negotiations With Hotel

Best Websites To Book Cheap Hotels Deals

To find the best website to book cheap hotels deals either you can search different online hotels booking websites like makemytrip, yatra or oyo. Or you can save time by searching cheap hotels on Compare Hotel Prices websites like:

  • FlightTickett
  • Trivago
  • Hotel Combined etc.

Where you can search and compare thousands of Hotels Accommodations in a single click. Personally I prefer the second option. As it save a lot of my time and energy. Especially my experience with FlightTickett is awesome. On it I am always able to find cheap flights and hotel rooms.

Be Flexible With Dates

It is always recommended being flexible with date selections. If you can, to find cheap hotel rooms. Often, hotel prices are more stable in comparison to flight fares. But it is noticed that the hotel prices are cheaper in weekdays as compared to weekend. Thus, you can plan your travel starting from weekdays.  Also you should try to book your best suited hotel rooms 2-3 months  before your stay. And always book hotels with free cancellation policy.

Try To Plan Off  The Peak Season

If you are looking for cheap accommodation. It is recommended to book hotel room just before or after the peak season. Means by booking 7-10 days before or after the peak season of that particular destination. You can save big on hotels prices. Also, you can enjoy your destinations with peace without the heavy tourist hussle-bussle.

Direct Booking With Hotel Website

You can try to book directly from the hotel website if you want to book cheap hotel rooms in big hotel chains like Taj, Marriot, Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotels, etc. But on booking on these you should agree to their terms and conditions like card authorization, and non refundable bookings, etc. Also, you will need to book hotel accommodation at least 40-45 days before. In this way you will not be able to BOOK NOW PAY AT HOTEL offers. So, on taking consideration of all these conditions. This option is only beneficiary when your travel plan is damn fixed.

Direct Negotiations With Hotel

You can also try to book cheap accommodation by directly calling to hotel and negotiating prices with them. But this option has about 10-15% success chances only that you get cheap hotels. As today most of the reputed hotel chains have tie up with Hotel Comparison Websites like FlightTickett, Priceline, Trivago etc. to sell residual inventories at discounted prices as Last Minute Deals or Book Hotels Tonight. So, till now you have learned the Top Tips To Find Cheap Hotels Deals. These five tips are time tested and proven. I am sure by applying these tips you will always be able to find the Cheapest Hotels Deals.

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